Up and Running with Python

Up and Running with Python:

Welcome back to another blog post. I have completed the course Up and Running with Python via Lynda.com. This course really illustrated the power of Python. You are able to hook into APIs on websites as well as read an entire webpage. This Python course was done with Python 2.7. Next I will be taking a course on Javascript to be in closer alignment with Amazon Web Services.

I have been recently coding in VS Studio Code. I really like the syntax highlighting and auto completion. I had to run the script from the command line and not the Python built in execution window. So far it has only been used with Microsoft Visuals Studio Code. I look forward to using it with Javascript and Node.js.

To engage with the community more, I have signed up for Reddit and Stack Overflow. It will be interesting to see how I use them. I am still listening to Talk Python to Me and Microsoft Dev Show podcasts. I have found these podcasts very good and current topic as well as things to explore. It also helps with understanding the Lingo that is used with in the programming community.

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