Big Nerd Ranch, Alexa, Lambda, and Pluralsight

Good Evening. I was able to enable a skill to ask “Alexa ask Greeter who is my hero?” It responds “My Pa”. This was made possible by a video and instruction from Big Nerd Ranch. Big props to them and their course work. The video is linked below. That was my first experience with AWS Lambda. The course covers step by step how to enable the Hello Greeter Skill. I changed out the text to say “My Pa” instead of Hello.

After saving my work in VS code I attempted to view my code on GitHub but it was not showing. So now I went back to the GitHub application and saw a publish button. I now know that in order to get my code onto GitHub from a local copy it needs to be published. :).

Short blog today… Checkout the video below by Big Nerd Ranch. I also started using So far I really like that as well. More updates to follow on that at a later time.

Big Nerd Ranch Video –

Big Nerd Ranch Course Work –

Big Nerd Ranch Code –

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