Python Forever – For Now C++ Game

Hi All,

Good Evening.

The code is listed at:

It has been a few weeks since I have posted last.  The code is for a text based game in C++. It is in the form of the game to accept user input, do some math calculations and have some nested if statements. The code has been posted to GitHub linked above.

The reason the game is called Python Forever is because that is another language, I am actively trying to learn. So why not include it in the game? 🙂 The C++ class has been very informative in a building week by week fashion. Classes on pluralsight are quick and to the point.

The code was posted to GitHub using and the command line. I used the following link to push the entire directory up to GitHub.

Below is a screenshot of my Visual Studio Community Edition. The blue boxes show where more Github content can be seen.


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