We have Lift Off! Pillars of Ethics!

Phelps Inc has published it’s first Alexa Skill! Woo! It is a simple skill for parsing three Pillars of Ethics, which are Duty, Outcome, and Person ethics. The hope is that it can help future students, learn these ethics in their class at Lakeland University. It was designed using the Alexa SDK 1.0.25. That has very recently been upgraded to 2.0. The Alexa SDK is linked here: https://github.com/alexa/alexa-skills-kit-sdk-for-nodejs.

Phelps Inc also has started a YouTube channel that depicts Pillars of ethics in Action. Head on over and check it out. The following link shows how to open Pillars of Ethics – https://t.co/hWkhozKRuk.

This has been a small update, but all for now.


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