Phelps Fast Pitch – Live

Good Evening!

Phelps Fast Pitch is Live in the Amazon Skill store and can be accessed here. The description of the skill is: “Phelps Fast Pitch is a skill intended to share the elevator pitch of Phelps Inc. It is also contains information on how to contact Phelps Inc. There are also some suggestions on where people can find more information about voice. Phelps Inc is using Alexa Presentation Language in the Launch and the CancelandStop Intents. After publishing this skill, anyone that wants to learn more information about Phelps Inc by launching the skill.”

This is the 2nd skill published by Phelps Inc. We are excited to move onto the next skills and partnerships upcoming. We also plan to launch some content on YouTube on setting up an Amazon Developer account and some general Alexa Tips on a weekly basis. That content can be accessed here.


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