Phelps Inc’s mission is to be a preferred partner for customers and businesses, to enable delivery of the best conversational experiences. We connect customers and businesses through conversation, this enables a friction-less experience for customers looking to engage with businesses, products, and brands.

In Spring of 2018, Chuck Phelps attended an Alexa Dev Days in Chicago. Amazon had provided a one day free conference in a very nice hotel downtown Chicago. I really hit full stride in my fascination for a voice first approach there.After going to the conference, I wondered who is a local contact that businesses can partner with to help discover and deliver a conversational experience? I would like to be that partner. That is when I decided to start to form the foundations for Phelps Inc.

Initial research and experience have shown we are still early in the voice first approach. As of January of 2018 20%, of the population had access to a smart speaker and just two years ago only 1% had access to smart speaker (2018, Kinsella and Mutchler). Being able to ask Alexa to turn off my kitchen light is amazing. It is also something that my family also utilizes.


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