Alexa Skills

Pillars of Ethics

  • Pillars of Ethics Skill
    • Pillars of Ethics helps people connect with the basics of the three major theories, People / Virtue based ethics, Duty / Deontology, and Outcome / Utilitarianism. This was designed and used as part of presentation for my Ethics class taught by Elizabeth “Liz” Jones. In collaboration with her we defined the answers in this skill. Thanks Liz!

Phelps Fast Pitch

  • Phelps Fast Pitch
    • Phelps Fast Pitch is a skill intended to share the elevator pitch of Phelps Inc. It is also contains information on how to contact Phelps Inc. There are also some suggestions on where people can find more information about voice. Phelps Inc is using Alexa Presentation Language in the Launch and the CancelandStop Intent. After publishing this skill, anyone that wants to learn more information about Phelps Inc by launching the skill.

Chuck’s HotDog Shack

  • Chuck’s Hotdog Shack
    • Chuck’s Hotdog Shack is an informational skill used to find the hours of operation, location, and experience. This skill also tries to give a hint about what an experience at the restaurant would be like.

Magic Money Number

  • Magic Money Number
    • Magic Money Number was created to assist individuals and families to track a budgetary number. The magic money number will persist over time. You interact with the number by adding, subtracting, or setting a new number. This has helped my family stick to a budgetary number week or bi-weekly.

Starting A Business

  • Starting a Business
    • Do you have a business idea and wonder what is the next step, lets ask the Starting A Business skill. This skill gives a preview of how the Venture Center at Fox Valley Technical College can help. They have helped 500 entrepreneurs make their ideas, a reality. Lets hear it from Amy Pietsch, director at the Venture Center. This skill was created by E-Seed grad and Founder of Phelps Inc, Chuck Phelps.

Always Good Sometimes

  • Always Good Sometimes
    • Always Good Sometimes is a collection of stories that are navigated by choosing a selectable characters. The main character of the story is Jack, but there are two other characters currently selectable which are Arfy and Pip. Arfy currently has some stories created in conjunction with my daughter. We hope you enjoy these stories. If you do not like the narrator’s voice this skill offers an In Skill Purchase to change the skill’s voice.

University of Skills

  • University of Skills
    • University of Skills works to help educate, excite, and empower users about Amazon Alexa skills. We love using Amazon Alexa skills and think it is a great platform. There is also an opportunity to let people know what skills are and how fun they can be.


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