Product List

Voice done right can be a friction-less experience / brand extension. It can also be an interactive experience. Meet your customers and consumers where they are with voice.

Current Products

Amazon Alexa Entry Skill – This will enable the businesses to have an Alexa skill that can do some basic QA and provide information about their business. It can be a way for customers to find out more information about the business they are interested in via voice. This technology is still new and exciting, adopting this can also drive some interest around your business.

Amazon Alexa Persistence Skill– This will enable the business to have an Alexa skill that can remember a user session and value. This further enhances a customer’s experience with your brand or experience. This Alexa skill can tie you closer to your customer with an interactive experience.

Amazon Alexa In Skill PurchasingCurrently In Beta – This Alexa skill will allow customers to pay for more rich content or higher value information. It will utilize Amazon Alexa In-Skill Purchasing. This product is in beta now and has one skill utilizing In Skill Purchasing.

Future Product Sets

Google Assistant Actions – Pending how the Amazon Alexa In Skill Purchases product’s release timeline goes, Google Assitant Actions is to be determined.


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