Code Code Code Your Boat

Hi All. PhelpsINCDotNet Here.

I have worked in hardware or infrastructure all of my life and now have come faced with the reality of the cloud. What does that mean? How do we adapt to contine to provide value. So I have started on my journey of code code code your boat gently down the stream, by going back to a traditional brick and motor school in Computer Science and I have recently completed the Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals. This course covered Javascript primarily to illustrate how to code and concepts of coding. It also covered some other languages and what they are used for. I found the course very well done and easy to follow.

I found that course very benifical. Now it is onto Up and Running with Python where I needed to download Python 2.7 and Visual Studio code. Now that I have those things in place I can continue to learn more about Python. I throughly the first course and creating something and watching it go. I will post updates on my progress here. The traditional school course will focous on C++.

Some podcasts that I am starting to listen to are Talk Python to Me, MS Dev Show, The Food Fight Show, and Arresested DevOps. The podcasts are helping to expose me to DevOps and automation. I am still not too sure of what Chef and Puppet do but will be researching them as well. 

My next side project will be to build a chat or email bot of some kind. Well that is all for now. Remember It is always good somtimes.

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